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Two-year-old Everton fan Kobi receives 3D printed arm emblazoned with team logo

While we are huge supporters of all kinds of medical 3D printing applications, nothing is quite as heartwarming as seeing 3D printed prosthetics that give kids a chance at a normal life. Of course people of all ages are benefiting 3D printed customized prosthetics, but especially kids can use a boost to their self-esteem. While kids with missing limbs are often singled out for ridicule (in some societies even ostracized), 3D printing makes it possible to not just restore their identity, but even build on it as well. Just look at the fantastic 3D printed arm of the two-year-old Everton fan Kobi, which boasts his team’s logo and will make all of his friends jealous once he’s a bit older. Read the full article here:

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