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...catching up on work!

...trying to catch up on work and stay healthy. Let's see...yesterday I never made it to the gym but instead managed to: 1) Finish the electronics on the Filament Extruder. Just about ready for delivery and will test next week. 2) Printed demo models of a medical device component I was contracted for in December. 3) Began printing a 2 foot version of my Transparent Paddle Board prototype. 4) Replaced a stepper motor assembly in the D4X. 5) Began work on the plastic shredder. (Electrocuted myself in the process...ouch) 6) completed the labeling test for Mat Harris' BikeBlood Lubricant 7) Sourced a sound & motion controller for the LightNoodles. 8) Began plodding through taxes. 9) Celebrated my wife's 29th Birthday :) 10) Fell asleep watching Frozen...So far, 2015 is off to a great start!


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