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Facility Upgrade!

The new D5S Mini's arrived late today! Good thing I installed the shelving earlier. Plenty of work going into the new year: 1) Finish assembling, testing and delivery of the filament extruder. 2) Produce 1st iteration of the plastic shredder / recycler. 3) Install D5's and improve shelf system to include a HEPA filtration enclosure. 4) Begin testing PVA and Nylon prints for surgical training models 5) Prep final LightNoodle designs for Kickstarter video. 6) Submit paperwork for Amazon's 3D Print store along with sample products. 7) Market test printer pod concept to local small businesses, schools and craftspeople. 8) Speak at 2 schools in the region. 9) Lease a system or two... 10) Take time to enjoy the wild ride!

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