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3D Printed Carport?

So for some time I've been wanting to build a very large format 3D printer out of a shipping container, that would use recycled PET plastic (milk jugs & soda bottles) and fillers like wood powder, glass & carbon fiber, nano-cellulose, etc., for use in composite construction. Proving a market has been part of the challenge. Lean Launchpad teaches that we need to test a market premise using what's available before investing further. So instead of building the container printer, we need to ask what can existing 3D printers do to test design options in this space? Here's a story that demonstrates the potential. Who'd like to see something like this in our area?


How much might it cost? Could we use recycled LED garden lamps? If 1 milk jug could be turned into filament (free) & 1 solar cell ($2 purchased new) were used for the project, material costs for the 99 panels would be $198. Equipment costs: $400 for a filament extruder, approximately $200 for a plastic chipper/shredder, $1000 for a 3d printer. It will take approximately 1 day to print each panel per printer. Electricity is negligible. So in 99 days, provided no printer malfunctions, filament production problems, etc, we could produce this for $1,798. Looks like a green could it be used to enhance growth time for vegetables? If we had 9 printer...we could print one every 11 days. By comparison, here's what's available online. Anyone want to go into business with me?

...finally, imagine printing them using these designs? How would they look from the ground as you walked around one?

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