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Steve Longpre demonstrating a 3D Printer
Steve Longpre presenting at UMASS

Steve Longpre, Founder of Barnstorm Studio, LLC., discusses

3D Printing with members of the UMASS Entrepreneurs Club.

Barnstorm Studio, is a Western Massachusetts 3D Printing, Rapid Prototyping & Additive Manufacturing Company.

Click to hear Steve's interview with Ira Bryck on WHMP's Business Show

Click to hear Steve's presentation at Valley Venture Mentors  creative ability, ability to confront and deal with a problem, resourcefulness, a creation of the mind; especially : an idealized or poetic creation.

Dreaming up BIG IDEAS is what we do best! From conceptualization to prototype design, pre-marketing and production, we excell at turning the imagined into reality!

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​  The act or practice of cooperating; The association of persons or businesses for common, usually economic, benefit.


Today's socially networked world creates unique opportunities to communicate ideas, collaborate & share resources to ​develop solutions for emerging opportunities worldwide! 

Working with many companies has given us the specialized experience that will help you develop unique & innovative products today's customers want!  to bring into concrete existence, accomplish, to bring or get by sale, investment, or effort; gain. 
Technologies like low cost 3D Printing, Injection Molding and Crowdsourced design services allow you to bring products to market​ with lower risk and reduced costs, in record time! 
We'll help you understand how to access these technoloiges so you too can participate in the Global Market!
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