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CoRncrete vs CO2ncrete

It's all about energy...right? So if we hope to sequester CO2 in order to counter all it's supposed dangers, why not let nature help us? A recent article described the efforts of UCLA researchers to sequester CO2 into concrete. Cool concept, especially if it doesn't cost too much. But is there already a good way of doing that, and is it accessible by everyone? CoRncrete, a 3 ingredient concrete substitute can be made from just 2 primary ingredients: Sand and Corn Starch. When combined with a very small amount of water, pressed into forms and baked in a Microwave Oven, it forms a 25 mega Pascal hardness bio-concrete. Take a look at the chemical formula of Corn Starch. There's over 27 carbon atoms and 20 oxygen atoms ... that's the equivalent of 10 CO2 molecules per molecule of starch!!! Let mother nature do the CO2 sequestration and funnel some solar or wind power produced electricity into the Microwave equipment that can form bricks, blocks and other structures. Near nstant carbon sequestration without the need for Limestone mined from a quarry! Mining by the way is a very very very CO2 intensive operation which accounts for additional environmental damage, equal to if not greater than corn farming.

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