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3D printed satellite launcher wins Mouser space design challenge, will be printed aboard ISS

Over the summer, Mouser Electronics and engineer Grant Imahara (whom you may recognize from Mythbusters) launched a challenge for designing 3D printed tools which could be printed aboard the International Space Station (ISS). Sponsored by Intel, Made in Space, and others, the 3D printing challenge invited makers from all walks of life to create original and innovative tools which could be used by astronauts in space. Now, a month after the contest’s deadline, the winners of the 3D printing space challenge have been announced.

In the end, nearly 250 3D printable ideas were submitted to the contest, covering a wide range of uses, from simple toys, to everyday utensils, to more complex scientific instruments. Each entry was judged by an illustrious and qualified panel which included Imahara and astronaut Chris Hadfield. Read the full article here:

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