Many times over Musicians have found themselves stuck searching for a guitar pick and used a bread clip or bag closure as a last resort. The Bread Pick™, expands on this already well established practice by turning a fully functional bag closure into superior guitar pick. 

It's been estimated there may be as many as 260 million guitar players in the world, a figure that's constantly increasing.
The Bread Pick™, easily serves the needs of this vibrant bread hungry community, at a competitive price to your existing packaging clips. Placing your logo on the clips will provide your customers with a free branded product that may otherwise cost them upwards of a dollar. The result...significant goodwill and name recognition for your company, reduced plastic wastes and pollution in our landfills, rivers and oceans, and a regular supply of guitar picks for area music education programs.

The Bread Pick, is patent pending, and offers your company a revolutionary world first marketing product, developed to be both practical and fun, adding brand value at a nominal cost.


We're excited about discussing the advantages The Bread Pick™, has over other bag closures and look forward to talking with you.

The Bread Pick™, the bag closure of choice for our musical planet.                                          - Gordon Heggie

                                                                                                                                                          Creator of the Bread Pick